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Founded in 2013, SAVAS is an agent company of innovative technologies for the Brazilian market. 

Its entrepreneurs, with a history in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, saw the opportunity to bring new technologies when, working in the corporate world, launched the breakthrough HPV vaccine that prevents cervical cancer among other diseases.  This vaccine is currently being manufactured in Brazil by a tech-transfer partnership with a local pharmaceutical company. 

In it´s earlier years, looking for state of the art technologies, SAVAS partnered with Swiss companies to bring high quality, innovative solutions. In 2015, SAVAS joined the SWISSCAM (Swiss-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce), aiming to continue developing new partnerships, as well as promote knowledge about new solutions for the Brazilian market.

In 2019, it established a partnership with SENAI- Escola Suíço-Brasileira, recognized as the leading national technical school, that has graduated thousands of collaborators with specialized technical skills for the industrial workforce.  This partnership with SENAI allows students, professors, institutions, and companies to explore the technical solutions represented by SAVAS.

Working with breakthrough innovations that can impact the lives of people, by improving processes, making it safer for people and environment, SAVAS line of business encompass the key industrial segments: chemical, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics among others. 



Looking for a partner in BRAZIL?

Whether with an agent, partner or establishing an office in Brazil, there are several alternatives to enter into the Brazilian market.  The documents below, prepared by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce, are an excellent guide to have an overview of the market.




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In addition, SAVAS can support you with an entry strategy consulting services.  To contact us for more information, please provide the information requested below

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